Intelligent Mammalian Music

Engaging experiments with music and rats.

Francis Rauscher conducted a musical experiment at the University of California in Irvine on three groups of rats.  In that experiment, he had one group listen to Mozart, one listen to nothing at all, and one listen to Philip Glass,

The above is regarded by historians as the mos...

The above is regarded by historians as the most accurate surviving likeness of Mozart, painted when the composer was 26 years old. It is a section of an unfinished 1782 portrait by Joseph Lange.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a very repetitive music. The rats constantly listened to the music from the time they were born to the time they reached maturity.  When they were undeniably mature, he had them run a maze to see how smart they were.  Rats which listened to Mozart ran a maze in ½ of the time it took for the rats which did not listen to anything, and the poor rats which listened to the repetitive music could not find their way out. Since mammalian brains are alike, this shows that repetitive music takes away your intelligence.   So if you listen to repetitive music, one day you could get lost in a maze and starve.

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