Horses Pumping Frogs

Discussing the Equine Heart.

The frog is triangular in shape.

The frog is triangular in shape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A horse’s heart has a more rounded shape that a human heart and is also smaller compared to the horse’s size than a human’s.  The horse heart is composed of four sections, the left and right atria and the left and right ventricles.  When a horse reaches  maturity its heart usually weighs 7.5 lbs, but it can weigh as much as  twice that amount.  The horse heart grows until the horse reaches four years of age, but sometimes (usually because of a condition) the horse’s heart might grow a little more.  There is a component on the horse’s hoof called a “frog”.   Located in the digital cushion, the frog aids the heart by helping to pump the blood up the leg.  How this works is when the horse walks, (trots, canters, gallops, ect.)  the frog is compressed against the ground and shoots the blood up the leg.  That is why a horse can go lame if it stands around all day and doesn’t get enough exercise.  The heart is not strong enough to pump all the blood up the horse’s long legs, and consequently the horse will go lame. Usually in the back legs first as horses tend to move their front legs more.  So make sure your horse gets enough exercise and ride often to get that frog pumping to ensure your  horse’s health.

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  1. Marcee says:

    You really have a gift for making things interesting. I love the way you write. I was hooked just reading the title.

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