Deserving Good

English: cat and dry food

English: cat and dry food (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Concerning Cat’s Diet

Being Carnivorous, cats eat a variety of birds, mice and other animals.  Although they ARE carnivores cats also ingest grass. Usually they do this to rid themselves of something irritating in their stomachs, but sometimes cats just like the flavor of grass.  Regarding food, there are two kinds of food which you can buy your cat, canned and dry.  Canned food is relatively easy to store and the best kinds are very nutritious but are also exorbitantly priced. While dry food is less expensive it is low in fat and believed to cause bladder disorders in older cats.  So if you don’t want an unpleasant surprise, look into your cat’s food and make sure to get good stuff.  Your cat deserves it!

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  2. Marcee says:

    good stuff.

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