Old Respect

How Cats Age.

St Peter's Church - the churchyard cat, maybe

Assuredly, cats can and will get old.  If your cat reaches seventeen years of age it would be doing pretty darn good.   Undeniably, the record for the longest living cat (which is thirty-four years) was obtained by a tabby queen in England.   When cats age, they usually get scrawnier with an increased or decreased appetite.  Because of  their old digestive systems and the relative pickiness old creatures seem to have, you will have to change the amount and sometimes the quality of food.  Also cats might get a little ugly as they age but that is no excuse for not taking care of them.   Respect the old, cats deserve it. 

One thought on “Old Respect

  1. Marcee says:

    Shouldn’t be a problem if you love your pets.

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