Special Love

How Horses Age.

An equine version of Tom and Snaps! shire hors...

shire horse and miniature shetland pony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Horses start slowing down at about 15 years of age, but there are some horses that can still compete in high level competitions at age 20.  How can these horses stay so youthful?  It can have something to do with the breed or the lifestyle of the horse. Usually, the ponies live longer than horses and it is obvious that the horse with the better lifestyle will most likely live longest.  The oldest horse on record is a barge horse named “Old Billy” who lived to be 62 years old.  The oldest Pony on record is Sugerpuff, a Shetland pony who lived to be 56 years old.  Here are some of the signs that your horse is starting to get old.  Gray around the muzzle and eyes, (and courser hair in general) a choppy gait because of weaker muscles,  minor scratches and cuts take longer to heal, a change of appetite, long front teeth and worn or missing back teeth, it’s back might start to sag and overall energy decreases.  So if your horse is showing signs of aging, take care of it and remember that like all old creatures, your horse will need special care and lots of love.

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