Enriching Years

The Meaning of Horses.

One of Emperor Taizong's horses from Zhaoling

One of Emperor Taizong’s horses from Zhaoling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For thousands of years horses have served us in war, mobility, and productivity.  For many people groups, horses have had special meanings as well.  For the Celts and Romans, horses were a symbol of war, triumph, and longevity.  Whereas for the Chinese, horses represented love, endurance, and devotion.  While the Native Americans thought of horses as helpers and an emblem of freedom.  Throughout the years not just horses but also their colors have had meanings too.  Black horses symbolize mystery, night, secrets, and death. White horses are a symbol of light, sun, day, vitality, and illumination.  Horses have enriched many people’s lives over the last couple thousand years, and I hope they enrich your life as well.

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