Beach Balls

Why Dogs Pant.

Black dog panting

You do not have to own a dog to know that they pant.  And you, like most people are accustomed to seeing dogs pant if they are hot and/or the dog has exercised.  And you probably also know that the reason that dogs pant is to cool off or lower their body temperature.  But did you know that fat dogs and dogs with pushed in faces (like pugs and bulldogs) pant more than lean dogs and dogs with “normal” snouts?  Panting can also mean something bad. If your dog is panting without being hot or exercising you should probably take it to the vet as it might have a disorder or can be in distress.  If your dog has a respiratory disorder you can tell because the panting will be loud and the gums might have a blue tint.  No doubt if you see these signs in your dog you should take it to the vet immediately as this may result in collapsed trachea and in some cases death.  Some other things that you have to look out for are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.  Another serious problem is hyperthermia.  Basically the opposite of hypothermia, if your dog has hyperthermia you might notice that the dog is very hot, weak, confused, has dark red gums, and may become a little unresponsive.  If you see these things in your dog you should obviously take it to the vet because it will have to get cooled immediately so that heat stroke won’t set in.  Just like humans, dogs can get a fever too.  Your dog has a fever when it’s rectal temperature reaches 102 degrees Fahrenheit, if your dog has a fever gently rub it with a cool sponge on the paws and abdomen.  Even though dogs are open to these risks, it is rare that a day in the sun with plenty of water and rest would get your dog seriously sick.  So go for that run on the beach and always remember to bring a tennis ball or frisbee, and have fun.

2 thoughts on “Beach Balls

  1. vetintrainin says:

    Actually no, the normal temperature of a healthy dog is 101 degrees fahrenheit.

  2. are dogs average temperatures the same a humans?

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