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Chocolate_Lab_Puppy_Asleep (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How Many Hours Do Dogs Sleep?

It really depends on a few things.  You see, dogs do not have regular sleep routines like humans do.  Instead, they take naps throughout the day and night waking  to eat and exercise only to go back to sleep again.  Dogs usually sleep 12-18 hours per day, but there are some factors to take into account to determine how many hours your dog sleeps.  Age is a big factor.  Puppies for example; their batteries have shorter charges and when they wake up they tend to be bouncy and full of energy for five minutes, and then sleep for fifteen (repeat).  Older dogs also need to recharge more often than young or middle aged dogs.  Activeness can also determine how much a dog sleeps.  Active dogs tend to sleep less than non-active dogs.   Which makes sense because non-active dogs sleep more out of boredom.  Diet is another big one.  Low quality dog foods contain hard to digest fillers and your dog’s body will be so busy trying to digest its food it will want to rest.  Fat or overweight dogs also sleep more than healthy or lean dogs.  Obviously their poor diet and/or little exercise does not give them enough energy to do very much.  And last but not least, the size of the dog might also determine how much sleep your dog needs.  Bigger dogs tend to sleep more than little dogs.  Giant breeds like the Saint Bernard or Mastiff usually sleep 18 hours a day, and little dogs like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians sleep about 12 hours a day.  In conclusion, it depends.  But big or small, a good diet and plenty of exercise should give your dog plenty of energy and a long happy life.

One thought on “Big and Long

  1. Marcela says:

    Thanks for the info. No wonder the little dogs that stay with us are more active than the big ones:)

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