Eyebrows and Whiskers

English: Cats Whiskers

English: Cats Whiskers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Cat’s sense of Touch.

Cats have touch receptors all over their bodies that transfer information to the brain  whenever the cat experiences temperature change, pain, or other touch related occurrences.  Cats are born with a highly developed sense of touch.  This is especially important for the first 10-14 days of their lives.  Kittens this young can detect temperature changes as low as .9 degrees Fahrenheit.  Which helps them know what way to crawl to find their mother.  The most sensitive place on a cat is its face and front paws.  Whiskers are special hairs on the front of a cat’s face that are so delicate that if they are moved 1/2000th the length of a human hair they will signal the brain.  Cats also have long “eyebrows” that are essentially the same thing as the whiskers but on a different part of the face.  The use of these hairs is to help cats when they crawl through bushes or shrubs.  When a branch touches a hair,the cat will close that eye so that it does not get poked out.  Whiskers help the cat hunt as well.  They can detect wind currents and movement so that the cat can locate its prey.  Do you want to see this for yourself?  You can test your cat’s whisker ability by touching one of its “eyebrow” hairs.  If the cat closes its eye then you will see that your cat could be a good hunter.  If not, then maybe your cat needs to get out more.  Just saying…

One thought on “Eyebrows and Whiskers

  1. Chief Dad says:

    That is awsome! Kick those house cats out!

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