Smokey vs Dik-dik

Dikdiks compared to cats.


Dik-dik (Photo credit: cramsay23)

Recently I was looking up some animal facts, and I found something rather interesting.  The smallest known deer on earth is the dikdik, inhabiting South Africa.  These deer are just slightly bigger than my cat.  To avoid confusion, I should tell you just how big my male Maine Coon, Smokey, is.  And I’ll throw in the dik-dik’s dimensions too.  Smokey is 3 feet from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail.  Although his tail alone is more than a foot long, it is considered short for his breed.  A dik-dik on the other hand is 28 inches in length.  Smokey’s shoulder height is 12 .5 inches and the length from his back paws to his tail tip is 29 inches.  The dik-dik makes up for its length with long legs making it’s shoulder height 12 to 18 inches.  And last but certainly not least, Smokey weighs 11.5 pounds (he is apparently going to continue growing for a few more years.)  A dik-dik will weigh anything between 7 to 16 pounds.  Now Smokey is undoubtedly a big boy, but I never really realized how big.  It is sort of hard to imagine my cat’s tail going over a deer’s head, but I guess the dikdik has bigger problems.  Talking about size, I bet you didn’t know that female dik-diks are usually larger than the males.  This undeniably gives them an edge when defending their young.  The world’s smallest deer are not seen very often due to the shyness that made it possible for them to survive this long, and the fact that they don’t travel in herds.  Now it might be a little hard to think of a deer that is the same size as a large cat, but I assure you.  Dik-diks are real and so is the accompanying video.  So if you want to get a better grip of the Smokey/dik-dik size ratio, go to :

Your Cat Does What???

Panther, a toilet-using cat, photographed in S...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regarding Cat Excretion.

A little while ago I decided to try training my cat to use a human toilet to save money, toil, and time.  It turned out to be quite an interesting experience as you will see.  

There are essentially two types of cats regarding litter boxes. The dainty ones that keep all the litter in the box making your job easier, and then there are the diggers.  I probably don’t have to tell you what they do but for you who have never owned a cat (or have by some luck owned only dainties) diggers dig through the litter and generally make a mess which you as the owner will have to clean.  Now if the cat conducts its business outside it doesn’t matter that much, but if it uses a litter box at all.  You will find out which category your cat falls into, and more likely than not he/she will be a digger.  My cat was undoubtedly a digger from the start.  I obtained Smokey when he was already six months old and although he had never used a litter box before, he, like most cats, had an instinct to bury his excrement and he did not have a single “accident”.  Now this was all very well, but he made it so clear that he was a digger that my family affectionately nicknamed him “the china digger” and his excrement was an acute assault on the olfactory senses.  I was kept busy vacuuming the mess and filling the landfills with bags of excrement while my family grumbled and threw slander at both Smokey and me.  Then one unforgettable day my mom found a kit that was supposed to teach cats how to use a toilet.  Although a little skeptical at first I agreed to give it a try.  In the first week (this is a lot faster than you would expect) I got him used to the new “box” and the new flushable litter crystals, by the next week I had him using it on the toilet (please watch the ajoining video) and it was all easy sailing from there.  He still scratches the rim as if he was burying it, but this is normal and is a lot better and cleaner than a litter box. Think about it, do you think it is very sanitary to have litter tracked all over the house on your cat’s paws? I don’t.  

Lately he has been going outside to conduct his business but when it rains or if we go on vacation he uses the toilet.  And by the way, have you ever gone on vacation and had family or friends take care of your house pets before?  Have you ever noticed that things were not quite up to standards when you got back?  Do you know the pain of explaining to your friend or relative that your cat is indeed a digger?  Do you know the suffering of having a lazy “friend” think “I don’t have to clean all this.  They’re coming back in a few days…”  Then I ask, no, I implore that you try this.  No matter what the rest of the house looks like, I am sure that nobody would be too lazy to flush a toilet, they might even get a kick out of it!  So in conclusion, if you have a cat watch the video and maybe you too will see the benefits and joys of a clean only slightly stinky cat. 

Go here to see the video