Contract for Blood

Cat Spleen


Cat spleen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now we’re going to look at a different kind of organ.  The feline spleen.  The spleen is an elongated organ located near the stomach in the left forward part of the abdomenThe exact location of the spleen depends upon its size and shape and is affected by the size of the surrounding organs, such as the fullness of the stomach.  The spleen is a relatively large, dark red organ that is supplied with numerous blood vessels. A normal spleen is shaped somewhat like a tongue and is considerably longer than it is wide and slightly constricted in the middle. It is also covered by a tough capsule of fibrous tissue.  The spleen has a few main functions.  Though not essential for life, the spleen does make life a lot easier.  Performing important functions like filtering particles in the blood and lymph systems like old or abnormal blood cells and foreign proteins.  Acting as a storage site and filtration system for red blood cells and platelets (clotting elements).  It is the major site outside the bone marrow where red blood cells are made.  And last but not least, the body has the ability to contract the spleen suddenly if additional red blood cells are needed in the bloodstream.   So even though it is not essential for life, the spleen sure makes life a lot nicer.

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