Twisted Misfortune

The Abomasum


Abomasum, photo credit Wikipedia

This week, as promised, I will tell you about the abomasum.  The abomasum is the section of a cow stomach that is also known as the “true stomach”.  This is attributed to the fact that the abomasum functions much like a human stomach.  Producing acid and enzymes to start the breakdown and digestion of proteins.  The abomasum is also responsible for one of the most painful and costly disorders to plague bovine. Displaced abomasum or “twisted stomach”.  Sometimes when cows go off feed or have acidosis, their abomasum will actually “float” out of place and stop the flow of digestion.  This causes great distress on behalf of the cow and great expense on behalf of the owner, because twisted stomach can only be repaired through surgery.  Interestingly enough, twisted stomach happens more often in dairy cows than any other, but every bovine is susceptible to this unfortunate predicament and if your cow loses its appetite or has digestion issues, consider displaced abomasum as a real and ever-present danger.  Conclusively, the abomasum is a vital section of the cow’s stomach, breaking down proteins and such.  But, if not properly cared for, this two-faced section of stomach can cause both you and your bovine misfortune.

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