Fatal Attraction

Regarding Robins

American Robin -- Humber Bay Park (East) (Toro...

American Robin — Humber Bay Park (East) (Toronto, Canada) — 2005, by User:Mdf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American robin is a migratory bird.  It inhabits anywhere from Canada to Central Mexico and is the second most common bird in the U.S. beaten only by the chickadee.  Ingesting various types of food. Robins base their diets on 60% wild and cultivated fruits and berries, and 40% invertebrates which include grubs, beetles, worms, grasshoppers, and butterflies.   The main characteristic of robins is their orangey red breasts and/or sides.  Apart from that, robins are 9 to 11 inches long, have a 12 to 16 inch wingspan, and weigh 12 to 16 ounces.  Their heads are covered in feathers that range from jet black to gray, yellow beaks with a variably dark tip, red or black eyes, brown legs and feet, and throats that are mainly white with black streaks.  The males and females are similar, but the females and juveniles tend to be duller than the male, with a brown tint to their heads, brown upperparts, and less bright underparts.  Focusing on robin behavior.  Sometimes the cowbird will lay its eggs in robins’ nests.  Robins are moderately intelligent and will almost always detect the cowbird’s eggs and roll it off the side of the nest, which proves fatal for the chick within.   So in conclusion, robins are smart attractive birds, although not very good babysitters.

To see the migratory patterns and more pictures, watch the adjoining video at  http://youtu.be/c4ssl6sgrXs