Smart and Tasty

Devil's Marbleyard: Pig

Devil’s Marbleyard: Pig (Photo credit: Vicky TGAW)

Regarding Pigs


Pigs have been domesticated since ancient times.  They also inhabit almost every continent, except of course Antarctica.  In the 1300’s, there were no pigs in North America.  But later they were brought over by Hernando De Soto and other Spaniards.  Pigs are valued in China and most oceanic islands because of their self sufficiency, but they can also destroy ecosystems by rooting up the vegetation and driving off local animals.  Pigs belong in Genus Sus and family Suidae of the even toed ungulates.  There are many types of pigs including warthogs, peccaries, potbellied pigs, and the unusual Palawan bearded pig.  Male pigs are typically called hogs or boars while females are sows and young pigs are indefinitely labeled piglets.  Pigs are very intelligent and can perform various tasks and tricks, which may be part of the reason of their growing popularity as house pets, especially the dwarf breeds.  Now I don’t know if you consider pigs as pets or BLTs but these smart tasty creatures are good at both.