Tract Functions


Omasum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Observing The Omasum

This week I will tell you about the Omasum.  The omasum functions as the gateway to the abomasum (more about the abomasum next week) acting as a filter to transfer large particles back to the rumen.  Although it allows fine particles and fluids to be passed on to the abomasun.  Also known as “the book” the omasum has many leaf-like folds that gives it a wrinkled appearance.  Though the complete function of this compartment is unknown, it does aid in water resorption and recycling of buffers for the saliva. The omasum may also absorb some volatile fatty acids.  Ultimately, we may never know all the functions the omasum has, but it is essential for the bovine digestive tract.

To see what the omasum looks like, watch the video at