Smokey and the Malayan Tiger

Malayan Tigers Compared to Housecats.

Malayan Tiger

Malayan Tiger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Malayan Tigers inhabit the Malaysian peninsula and parts of the interior.  Somewhat smaller than Indian tigers, Malayan tigers are 3.41 feet heigh and weight 52 to 195 lbs.  Malayan tigers have retractable claws, padded feet, strong jaws, and large canines. Their tails are nearly 3 feet long.  My cat, Smokey, is 3 feet from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, and although he does have relatively large teeth and claws. He isn’t going to be taking down a wild boar or an Indian bison anytime soon.  Having a lot in common, tigers and house cats are both undeniably feline.  Although tigers cannot purr and house cats are unable to roar.  House cats and tigers are really not that different.  Both are carnivores and sleep for about 12 hours a day.  Cats, big and small, also require taurine (an amino acid).  Unlike humans and dogs who make taurine themselves, felines such as tigers have to obtain it from their sustenance.  Taurine is found in the hearts and brains of the animals felines ingest.  If felines do not get taurine, their livers will fail and they will die. Aside from size, they have nearly identical skeletal structures.  So, the next time you want to see a tiger.  Just look at a cat, and imagine it is really big and has orange and black stripes.  Because that is basically all that a tiger is.

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One thought on “Smokey and the Malayan Tiger

  1. shopnfish says:

    Smokey is so cute! Such a big cat!
    So basically if you tried to make a cat be a vegen it would die.
    Me too.

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