Fun Legs

Antero-external view of the anterior limb of a...

Discussing the Horse’s Appendicular Skeleton.

The appendicular skeleton is comprised of the fore and hind limbs.  The fore limbs do not attach to the spine at all, instead they are suspended with muscles and tendons.  Which give the horse more agility so that they can do things like folding up their legs when jumping.  The hind legs attach to the pelvis and even though they support only 40% of the horse’s weight, they produce the most forward motion and the stabilization attachments to the spine.  So the next time you are with a horse, think about this and don’t forget to have fun!

One thought on “Fun Legs

  1. vetintrainin says:

    I did not realize that I did not post this! it was still in my drafts, sorry its late.

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